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Mega Ultra UPDATE - 12/10/14

It's December. Scroll down to the last blog post; that one was in July. What the hell happened?

Well, in short, a game happened. Mike, Justin, and I are nearing completion of Paparazzi. Here's a short list of what we've been able to accomplish:

  • Seven weird characters
  • Six diverse levels
  • Four fun powerups
  • Ports to Three different platforms
  • Two emptied bank accounts
  • A dope new website
  • A ton of cool (and necessary) visual effects
  • Showed at several different small festivals and events

That list needs a '5' of something, right? Whatever. I didn't want to force it.
Maybe you noticed the three different platforms comment. If you've been following us at all, you might know that I've been hinting at our release platforms for a while now. I promise we're REAAALLL close to being able to share what these are. We're releasing a new announcement trailer soon that will clear a lot of things up!

I'm also in the process of writing some specific blog posts about the rest of what's gone down this fall. This is a new site that I built from scratch, so I'm working on getting some comment/community based functionality here. If you follow @pringodingo or @jagraybox on Twitter, you'll get all the updates and links to this blog.

Tweet us! Talk to us!
And stay tuned!

-Pringo Dingo Joel

TUG OF WAR! - 7/25/14

One of the biggest improvements we needed to make to the game was the UI. People have been having a lot of fun with the game, but no one was really understanding why they were winning or losing.

Upon the suggestion of our good friend Aran Koning, we decided to implement a tug-of-war UI. Instead of having separate bars for the paparazzi's money and the celebrity's dignity, we went ahead and combined them. When the celebrity gains dignity, the paparazzi will lose money, and vice versa!
(It also just looks a hell of a lot nicer, don't you agree?)

In addition, we've made character select and level select screens to improve the UI. A preview of Garth being selected is shown above.

-Pringo Dingo


In the past week, Pringo Dingo has pumped out two SMOKIN' HOT levels for Paparazzi. Check out the gallery for full images.

The first is FOLLYWOOD STUDIOS. There you'll play on the back lot of a film studio, running between film sets and soundstages.
The second is THE WEALTHINGTON BALL. There you'll dive behind ice sculptures and shmooze with rich folks.
We're going to release gameplay videos of both after we make some few finals tweaks. Stay tuned.

-Pringo Dingo

We've been funded! - 7/9/14

As of 1pm today, the Kickstarter has ended. Looks like we just cleared our $5000 goal, which means we've been successfully funded.

We just want to thank everybody who donated. This money ensures that Pringo Dingo will get an official start, and Paparazzi will see the light of day. We're going to work our butts off to make you an amazingly silly and fun game.

We're scheduled for an October release, on Steam (and possibly a few more platforms?? We'll see...).

-Pringo Dingo

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